Hammond Transformer datasheet link weirdness at Digikey

The Feb 8, 2022 datasheets for Hammond transformers linked from Digikey are missing some information. The links on the product pages on Digikey end with “.pdf” and load the incomplete files , but on the Hammond website the correct links end after the filename without a “.pdf” extension.
The missing information is the headers on the tables on each datasheet.
(example of link from digikey:) https://www.hammfg.com/electronics/transformers/power/186-187.pdf
(example of link from Hammond) Low Voltage Solder or Quick Connect Terminals - 2.4 VA to 102 VA (186-187 Series) - Hammond Mfg.

Hello rsledd,

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum community. I will contact the Product Manager to see if the supplier can update their datasheet.

Thanks for letting us know. Have a great day!