Banana plug - like fork connector

Ladies and gentlemen,
I am looking for a connector. It looks like a 4mm banana plug, but, instead of a plug, it has a fork-like connecting surface. When mounted on a wire, I could fix it under a nut.
Is there something in the sortiment of DigiKey?

Sincerely: Bela

If it crimps on to the wire then I think you’re looking for a spade connector terminal like this:

They are available in wide range of sizes, wire & screw, and options, here’s the search starting point to select based on size & options.

Thank You Paul, I also have found these crimp terminals. They’re not what I’m looking for.
What I need, it really looks like a 4mm banana plug. I am planning to create lab test wires from them. Maybe it isn’t fair to link a competitor, I am looking for this one:

Since I plan to buy a fair amount of material here at Digi-Key, it would be comfortable to buy something like this here as well.

so like what we show under Between series adapters


Yes, thank You very much, Robert!