Looking to plug 2 mm banana plugs into breadboard

Hi all,
I have palmsens Sensor cable with banana connectors for use with MUX8-R2.
It uses 2 mm banana connectors and i want to put them into a breadboard. I believe 2 mm diameter is to big to fit into a breadboard. does anyone know of a plug adapter of some sort which would let me plug these in without any sort of soldering or messing with alligator clips?
preferrably it would have a 22-24 AWG guage sturdy pin that goes into the breadboard and a female plug which the banana plugs may insert into…on this sensor cable, these 2 mm banana plugs do not have any sort of built in spring. the female ends must have the spring. the 2 mm plug is just sort of a solid gold plated pin.

I found this on amazon and i might just buy it…

but i don’t think the banana plug female end is going to work with these 2 mm plugs


Miniature Banana Plugs can vary in size between 3mm and 2mm

i did look through this list first before anything else but didn’t recognize anything that would work for this…
but perhaps I just need to do some soldering? I did buy a soldering kit just recently… so are there any pins that I could solder to a jack that would be inserted into the breadboard?

perhaps this item is what i need?