2 and 4mm make plugs

I’m having a terrible time finding the parts I need again. What I need is what is inside the test lead for a multi meter. I do not need any colored jacket but only the metal banana Jack. I need them in 2mm pin and 4mm pin. Please and thank you.

I did find a 2mm version as two separate pieces, the plug and the insulation:
2201-R921331000-ND. The only option I found for the 4mm is a non-stocikin part
2201-R941029000-ND which has a 300 piece minimum order quantity. We do have stock on a threaded type standard type: 36-652-ND

Those are all way too overpriced. I need solder connections. No threads. I need them as pictured. They should be generic.

John St. Amant

I’m sorry we weren’t able to help you with this request.