Need help in finding a wire connector

Good afternoon,

I need to find these connectors for an application in vacuum. The connector consists in a female pin and a small cylinder that crimps the wire to the pin. I cannot find myself them and need some help. In the picture on the left is the connector with the wire and the two parts of the pin. The diameter of the female pin is about 0.5 mm.
Any help i appreciated.
Thank you

What is the blue piece on the right? Could you take a photo that is a little more in focus so we can see the details a little better? This is definitely something unique.

Hello Kaleb,

thank you for your help. The part on the right is not important. I have found that it is quite common:

I used to link two of those connectors. In the left, the top is the connector assembled, and on the bottom the two parts of the connector.
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I took another picture, this should be clearer.
thank you for your help.

To me, it seems like some kind of banana plug and socket in this case, what wire gauge is being used?

Hi Kaleb,

I am using a 36 AWG wire. Thank you for your help.


Paolo Vilmercati

The part from MillMax that you linked is a standard 0.1" pin header. Those have a straight cylindrical pin, other manufacturers use a straight rectangular pin.

Your picture shows a shaped pin (cylinder with a bulge in the middle). That shape is similar to a banana plug but the picture shows that your connectors are about 4 times smaller in diameter.