Need help identifying mini connector

I was wondering if any one could help me identify this female connector and where I could buy it, It was a bit hard to measure, did my best to be as precise as possible.

thanks for any info.

Hello Luc - I wasn’t able to find an exact match to your connector. Does it have any lettering or numbering on it? A manufacturer’s logo? I didn’t locate anything in 1.00mm or 1.25mm spacing that has a latch lock, but here are the options I found: 1.0mm spacing
SHR-12V-S , SHR-12V-S-B and 1-470364-2. For the 1.25mm I found one option: 1-440146-2.

Hello Jenny,
I have to say this is the closest to what I seen to date. I will need to go and recheck the measurement to see if one of those would work even if there is no latch. I did not see any logo or info on the connector but I did not check the male part on the board.
your help is very appreciated thank you.

good news, after 2 days none stop searching :wink: I finally found out what the connecter was

thanks everyone who took a look and special thanks to Jenny_1307