Basic Question WRT wiring low voltage Relays in Parallel

The relays in question are:

The Question:

In the experimental circuit, there are 25 of the above smaller, low-power relays in parallel.
Each separate relay circuit has an on/off activation switch such that each relay circuit can be
activated “on” or off.
A master power toggle switch is used to activate those relays in the “on” state to then illuminate LED lamps.
Although there are 25 relays in the circuit, the system will only activate up to 4 relays and a time.
Attempting to open 5 or more circuits results in only 4 of the selected relays to activate.
I’ve attempted to increase the power/current capacity of the circuit by running a larger capacity battery
in the circuit but there is no increase in the number of relays to respond.

What am I doing incorrectly? Your diagnostic support is appreciated. Thank you.

Dave Clark
Troy, Michigan

Hello Dave,

I am checking into this for you. Let you know when I get some good information.

thank you !


Could you supply more specific information, drawing/schematic so we can see you you are using these?

Hi Karl,
I was able to review a tech reference for the answer so all set. Thank you!