Bathroom heater fan

I have a bathroom heater fan. The thermal fuse has separated and I do not have power to fan and heater element. The heating element is rated at 1500 watts and the fan is rated at 27 watts. What size thermal fuse will I need? I am going to repair fan motor before installing new fuse.

Hello user92 and welcome to the forum.

I do not know what size thermal fuse you would need; what temperature did you need the circuit to trip at?

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Hi user92,
Michael_Rudi is correct, we need to know what trip temp you need. However, below are the two lowest trip temps found in our system, please review if they will work for you and aren’t too high of a trip temperature regarding fire hazard.

The “holding temperature” is the temperature it is designed to hold at without opening, the “rated functioning temperature” is the maximum temperature it will require in order to open circuit. The actual temperature of what it will open at will be somewhere in-between, most likely more close to the rated functioning temperature.

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