Battery Terminals and Adapters

One specification that can be hard to find when looking at crossing a sealed lead acid battery is the terminal size. There are many companies that do not list this size when giving the specifications for their batteries or they simply list F1 or F2.

The F1 is calling out a terminal that is .187" wide and the F2 is calling out a terminal that is .250" wide.

What are the options if you still do not know? The easiest and most accurate way to tell is if you have the old battery you are replacing you can measure the width of the tab. If the battery is not available we also have adapters that can convert between the two sizes. 522-1019-ND will covert a .187" to a .250" or 522-1020-ND will convert a .250" to a .187".

We also have 522-1021-ND that can take a nut and bolt style and add a .250" tab.