Beaglebone black Not Getting Started After Power On


The Beaglebone Black I am working on is not getting ON after giving a supply of 5V.
When I plug 5V adapter the power led blink once and Beaglebone doesn’t work.
I searched in the datasheet it says, “If this LED flashes when applying power, it means that an
excess current flow was detected and the PMIC has shut down”.

Anyone if knows how to how to shut on Beaglebone, please help .

Hi @Neha9,

Sadly this is one of the sign’s that your BeagleBone Black may have gotten damaged. First remove any external hardware, with only usb-serial adapter plugged into J1, test both the 5V power plug or USB OTG plug to see if you get any serial prompt. In this state, if you only get the led “blink” and no serial date either the am335x or the tps65217c has now departed us for the great beyond.


Hello Sir,

Thank you for reply.

Will beaglsbone will work if both IC’s are replaced?

And why this happens that led blinks once after power on?


In the past, CircuitCo would just replace the am335x and test the board to see if any other components where taken out. (There’s a good chance something else was taken out.) Essentially the TPS65217C see’s to much current so it shuts down, either the am335x being taken out or the tps65217c was damaged.

Since CircuitCo went under, there’s really no cheap place to get this fixed. So the only cost effective option is to get a new one. (and remember what you plugged into the BeagleBone Black, such that you don’t do it again…)



Such a costly controller don’t have any protection circuit?


It has some protection, but there are limits, see pages 112/113 in the SRM:


Hello Sir,

Thank you, sir, for a reply,

I connected Beaglebone Black using a USB-serial adapter plugged into J1. After opening Putty it shows the serial prompt.
what does it conclude?
Can something happen now?

Hello Sir,

After removing am355xx IC I get SYS_5V,

But after replacing does it requires bootloader like Arduino???

Bootloader is stored on the eMMC or microSD.


Thank you, sir, for your kind help.