Powering Beaglebone Black Rev. C

I have a project where i wish to install a Beaglebone Black inside a computer case, its a very large case so room is no issue however i want the Beaglebone to be much like a slave to the main computer, using it to monitor and control various fans, lights, pumps, temperature just to name a few.

I would like to make the Beaglebone power up/down with the main computer. while looking over the PSU specs i see there is the 5v (SB) @ 2.5amp (Purple Wire) which stays hot all the time, it is used primarily for keeping some of the USB ports hot (not using this feature) when powered down. i would like to know if i can use this to power only the Beaglebone and with an INA219 to monitor a 12v rail, when the 12v drops the Beaglebone can then power down correctly.

also wondering a possible way to get it to power up, i was thinking of using a TTP223 touch sensor I/O pin connected to p9_9 PWR Button to turn it on but would be much nicer if every thing would power up with a single button…

any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated

Thank You

One slight issue with that button, i’ll also turn off the board when held in the on position for over 8 seconds…

The board will boot up if you provide 5v power, just make sure you use overlayroot or read-only root, for the OS as this environment can quickly mess-up a “Read/Write” ext* file system…


so you see no issues with using the 5v (SB) line on the 24 pin plug of a psu ?

and the ttp223 touch sensor can be setup as latched or unlatched so no issues there…

thank you

Nope, i have 20 or so BBB’s powered by one ATX 600W power suppply (room to spare)…

Just note, some ATX power supplies will sense how much current the 5V rail takes, and if it’s too small, they will shut off… (aka one BBB might not be enough to keep it on…)


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Perfect thank you this helps a lot… i was worried about killing yet another Beaglebone.

thank you