Beaglebone Black Battery

Hi folks!

I’m pretty noob when it comes to electrical engineering but I am trying to power my beaglebone-black setup using this battery.

How would I connect and charge that battery to my beaglebone black?

Hi Tim,
The BeagleBone Black has a barrel connector that is used to power it. It is recommended to use this power supply 237-1417-ND - , which has a 2.1mm Barrel.
If you want to use a battery, you’d have to remove the JST connector from that battery and connect a barrel connector to the battery, such as part number EP501A-ND -

Hi @tim.nuwin there is a way to power the BBB thru the TPS pins (Take a look at the SRM)… However it does have a few gotcha’s that could easily wreak the board. USB is also disabled when using the TPS pin’s…

For years the BeagleBoard commuinty has just recommended getting a Power Cape from AndiceLabs:

Sadly it looks like they done:

another option would be to use this Power Booster to convert the battery 3.7v to 5v for the beagle:

I’ve used it in a few designs.

Adafruit has an awesome picture here, ( slide #3 )