BeagleBone Black: U-Boot : NAND 0 MiB


I booted BeagleBon Black, through UART, using two stages files. UBoot starts but it doesn’t recognize the NAND with error :
Error: “bootcmd_nand0” not defined

UBoot Version: U-Boot 2020.07-rc4-00039-g4ff63383e3 (Jun 25 2020 - 15:55:00 -0400)

Is Env not setup to the UBoot?

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@dzhou, the am335x_evm target in u-boot supports many am335x based boards… One of which has NAND… The BeagleBone Black does not…

Here is usually where i rip it out:


Hi Robert,

BeagleBone Black Rev A or C has eMMC. What is the type of eMMC? Not NAND? The dev board I have
1GHz AM3359 Sitara ARM Cortex

How to access eMMC from UBoot, then?

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@dzhou, eMMC is not NAND…

eMMC was designed to be placed on PCB’s like NAND, but with ease of use like microSD’s…

The e in eMMC actually stands for “embedded” MMC…

With NAND, “YOU” provide the raw file system, and control individual sectors. With eMMC/microSD, you just install a file system, and the build-in controller takes care of everything…