Bel Fuse MagJack® ST SI-40000 Series RJ45 Jack Pin Count

Inquiries about the number of pins of the MagJack® ST SI-40000 Series RJ45 Jack from Bel Fuse are a common question. Many customers are concerned that one pin was missed. As one example, SI-46014-F, this device shows seven pins for the connection.

According to the datasheet, there is a note: “Pins Without Electrical Connection are Omitted”.

Applicable part numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
507-SI-46001-F-ND SI-46001-F
507-SI-46004-F-ND SI-46004-F
507-SI-46009-F-ND SI-46009-F
507-SI-46013-F-ND SI-46013-F
507-SI-46014-F-ND SI-46014-F
507-SI-46019-F-ND SI-46019-F
507-SI-46020-F-ND SI-46020-F