9 MM Barrel Jack Pwr Connector ID

Hi, I am trying to get some assistance in ID’ing a suitable component for a missing 9 MM barrel jack on a SMT board. Unfortunately the jack itself has long been missing, but I do not recall it having a manufacturer name/part number on it in any case as it is a rather generic sort of component.

Unfortunately any searches for the manufacturer (VIPTronics) have also turned up nothing. I also don’t have a schematic for this, but from testing, what I can ascertain is marked out.

I will have to send it to a rework house in any case as one can see the traces/pads have lifted off in the upper and right hand side positions.

Any thoughts as to a suitable replacement would be appreciated.


Hello @abalducci0

Thank you for your inquiry. Is the 9mm size the depth of the mating connector? Click here to view some options on our website that has the 9mm depth. If that is not what you need, please see our filters and let us know exactly what size you need.