Help Identifying Barrel Audio Connector


I’m sure this is a bit of a shot in the dark but it doesn’t hurt to see.

I pulled this audio jack from an old Acoustic Research AV-622 as it needs to be replaced but I haven’t had luck trying to find a suitable replacement. I tried checking under Barrel - Audio Connectors here and on Mouser but none of the similar connectors have the correct contact pattern. I also tried finding a service manual for the product, but was unsuccessful.

Here are photos of the part (had to use Imgur album because of embed limit):

The logo is hard to see, but its a diamond where the middle points don’t actually connect and instead angle inwards, featuring what appears to be the letters SJ in a fancy font, if viewed upside down. I took the picture where the “7” on the part is upright so it may be that the logo symbols are something different, like a 5 and something else. I’m not sure.

And here is a crude drawing I threw together, the measurement’s are approximate.

What’s interesting is that what plugs into this jack is an TS/Mono cable, but from what I can tell (it’s hard to see inside), all three of these contacts seem to be fully routed, with none just acting as an anchor, so this may be a TRS/3 Contact, 3 Conductor jack. Again, not totally sure. I don’t have it in front of me at the moment but I believe one of the contacts was just soldered to an isolated through-hole pad (I’d guess the ring contact) so it’s definitely just used as an anchor even if the part allows for TRS.

Thanks for looking.

Can’t help with finding a replacement, but for the three terminals it may have a built-in switch that shorts to one of the signal terminals when there is no plug inserted.

My luck with finding replacements for PCB jacks is near zero in 40 years. The last large design I did had the PCB mount power jack go obsolete while the first production runs was being made. We decided to skip the PCB mount and go with a panel mount jack for future production runs.

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Hello oblivioncth, welcome to the Tech Forum. I’m sorry, I did not find that any of the jacks that we carry have the same configuration as the part you’re looking for. Acoustic Research AV-622. I did find a link to replacement parts for vintage AR speakers. Sorry we couldn’t have been more helpful for you!

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Ouch that’s pretty brutal, guess I’m likely out of luck >>.

That’s a good idea in regards to the third contact. I’ll look at the board again and see if it indicates that is the case, but either way try to take a good look inside to find out.

Yea I figured as much, thank you for the information though.

Just for posterity:

What I ended up doing was grabbing two SJ1-3523N, which I determined to have to have near identical dimensions vertically (though with the added benefit of being slightly more symmetrical) compared to the original, while also not being too wide that two couldn’t be put next to each other with the port spacing on my unit.

The footprint of this replacement allowed me to put the board in its housing, slide both jacks into position through the panel cutouts upside-down with some glue on what was their top and press down so that they were affixed to the board in the same place as the originals from the perspective of user I/O, but again, inverted internally. Then I simply used some 22AWG solid wire to connect the relevant pins of the new jacks to the correct pads on the backside of the board by bending them around the side (there were no non-plated through-holes available on this one).

After this and a bit of recapping, the unit works quite well!


Thank you for Adding this information to helping others.