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I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section. The part in question is audio-related so I figured I would start here. I am trying to identify what type of part this would be and how to best find a suitable replacement for it. I’ve got multiple machines that have damaged jacks like this one due to them being in a high-traffic area involving children. I know it is an audio headphone connector as that is what it is used for and works accordingly when not damaged. The connector is on a motherboard inside of an All-In-One computer and the cost of sending it back to the manufacturer or provider far exceeds that of trying to get a suitable replacement at this point as they will consider it an out of warranty replacement (we’ve went this route in the past but it is too expensive). I’ve tried searching several different options including the numbers and letters on the silver part of the jack itself (can be seen in pics below) but didn’t come up with anything conclusive. I can only assume that those are solder pads holding the jack to the motherboard (last picture) but please correct me if I’m wrong. I’ll include all information I have below including pictures:

Computer Type: Dell Optiplex 3050 All-In-One
Motherboard: DELL IPKBL-SR/35W

The original system itself was built by DELL but was purchased via a reseller as they are used in a public library setting in a children’s department. Any help identifying this component or where to best get a replacement would be greatly appreciated in advance.


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I could not find this exact part. Here is a link to what we do have in stock at this time.

“Audio barrel jack” would be the term of art. 3.5mm nominal size, with a board cutout mounting style. This would be my selection of close parts on hand.

Unfortunately, board-mounted audio jacks are a bit notorious for having non-standard footprints; most every manufacturer has their own, and the Dells of the world are known to buy from relatively obscure sources in pursuit of cost reduction. Direct-replacement prospects aren’t so good… Short of finding one, a cheap USB audio interface or direct-wiring an electrically compatible jack might be workarounds.

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I hadn’t thought about the USB option which might be a better alternative than using the headphone jack anyway as they tend to get destroyed due to the environment the PCs are in. The USB part can be secured which is good so that may be the key. Thanks!

Hi HEdwar2023,

If you are fine to do the rework by yourself, the jack can be found for example here:

You could also consider having an adapter cable with right-angle 3.5mm plug, which provides better vandal resistance than a straight plug, like this (for illustration only due to out of stock status):

heke, AsamaLab