Barrel Power Jack

I’m looking for a 4 power jacks that need replacing… Bottom has to look like pj-036 (with two plastic inserts in the front) and the top looks like pj-012.(2.1mm)
In the pj-036 section, I can find 1mm and 1.3mm, but no 2.1mm
In the pj-012 section, there is only 1 plastic insert in the bottom, I can not find one with 2 plastic inserts (like on PJ-036)
I’ve removed one of the jacks on the board to show you. The two back holes in the picture are not in use.
I’ve looked at just about all the pictures in the searches I’ve done and can’t find a matching one. Does anyone know of the proper part#, so I can order a few ?

There are so many sizes and pin configurations of barrel connector jacks and rarely will any two even partially fit the same hole layout in a PCB.

The only ways I’ve ever been able to replace them in a device without hacking the PCB and housing are to:

  • Order replacement parts from the PCB manufacturer (that hasn’t worked for me since the 1980s)
  • Locate the exact part via a molded in part number on the jack housing
  • Reverse engineer the PCB footprint (hole sizes and locations, measure accurate to ±0.003 inches/0.08mm) then go through many dozens of data sheets comparing the reverse engineered hole layout to the data sheet.

Most often the easiest and cheapest solution for me is to either buy panel mount jacks and hack the housing to make them fit, or use inline jacks. In both cases the jacks are connected to the PCB with wires.

Hello Mpeg,
Thank you for your inquiry and welcome to the TechForum. I am sorry I have no recommendation. The item you are searching for is probably manufacturer specific and unfortunately the board footprint is not a searchable parameter you would have to check the datasheet of the parts to verify.