Cricut Air Explore 3 DC Barrel Jack ID


I purchased a Cricut Air Explore 3 (a fabric/paper/vinyl cutting machine) and someone at some point broke off the barrel jack that was on the logic board. The plastic housing says “24v/2.5 amp” and the size of the barrel looks to be pretty standard. However, I have been unable to find a jack with the same PCB footprint. It looks to me like 3 hole through solder connections, with a little bit of the prong of the old jack still attached. I am attaching pics (the yellow outline was added) and hope someone has an idea of which connector I need to get to get this working. Thank you so much for your time!


Hi Alex,

Welcome to the community!

Your barrel plug is a Through Hole/Right Angle type and those round holes in the front of the circuit board are what we call Board Guides.

Unfortunately when selecting the identifiable criteria out of the 99 connectors that fit the description none of them matched your footprint or anything close that I could find.

The other option, if you have room for it would be to use a panel mounted barrel jack cable assembly that can be drilled into the side of your enclosure. You’d just need to identify the size of your power supply plug.

Thanks! I had the same experience with the footprint. I am going to reach out to Cricut directly and see if they are willing to help. I appreciate the suggestion as well and that may be the way to go.