Looking to identify this barrel connector

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I’m hoping to find a USB-C to DC (male barrel jack) trigger cable that can help me connect my Baseus 30,000 mAh 65 W power bank to my Transcend Auto Mini Travel CPap machine (100 – 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 19VDC, 2.6 Amp). Problem is, I can’t identify the barrel jack connector needed; it seems to be an uncommon size, L-shaped, with a pin down the middle. See attached photos… would really appreciate some help from somebody knowledgeable about such things, thank you!

Hello dominiclavoie, welcome to the Forum Community. Here’s a prior Forum Post that may be of assistance in determining the size of your connector. It’s the inner diameter that is the indicator of the size required. I checked to see if we have any USB-C to right angle DC barrel jack adapters or cable assemblies, but didn’t find anything to offer. I did see quite a few options on Google, though, you may want to take a look there. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful for you!

Thanks for the quick reply, Jenny! To be clear, the L-shape isn’t necessary, as the plug doesn’t go in from the bottom of the device, but from the side. So I’d be happy with a straight plug so long as it’s compatible. I had seen the other post to identify the connector before, but this one is quite a bit larger, too large for the toothpick or ballpen test. It looks like a 6mm OD, and 4.(something) ID. Do you have any USB-C to DC barrel jack trigger cables (not L shaped) that might be of the right diameter?

Without being 100% (I don’t have the right tools to measure this precisely), I suspect that the DC plug is a 6mm X 4.3mm, as per the following adaptor:


4840.1230 looks to be the only option in stock at the moment for a plug of that size.

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Thank you! Much appreciated.

I have the exact same question. did you ever find out what size the plug is? where can you get it?
Thanks Greg.

You will need to determine if the link Rick gave above will work in your application. We did not hear back from the customer to indicate if this worked or not.