Looking to identify this barrel connector

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I’m hoping to find a USB-C to DC (male barrel jack) trigger cable that can help me connect my Baseus 30,000 mAh 65 W power bank to my Transcend Auto Mini Travel CPap machine (100 – 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 19VDC, 2.6 Amp). Problem is, I can’t identify the barrel jack connector needed; it seems to be an uncommon size, L-shaped, with a pin down the middle. See attached photos… would really appreciate some help from somebody knowledgeable about such things, thank you!

Hello dominiclavoie, welcome to the Forum Community. Here’s a prior Forum Post that may be of assistance in determining the size of your connector. It’s the inner diameter that is the indicator of the size required. I checked to see if we have any USB-C to right angle DC barrel jack adapters or cable assemblies, but didn’t find anything to offer. I did see quite a few options on Google, though, you may want to take a look there. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful for you!

Thanks for the quick reply, Jenny! To be clear, the L-shape isn’t necessary, as the plug doesn’t go in from the bottom of the device, but from the side. So I’d be happy with a straight plug so long as it’s compatible. I had seen the other post to identify the connector before, but this one is quite a bit larger, too large for the toothpick or ballpen test. It looks like a 6mm OD, and 4.(something) ID. Do you have any USB-C to DC barrel jack trigger cables (not L shaped) that might be of the right diameter?

Without being 100% (I don’t have the right tools to measure this precisely), I suspect that the DC plug is a 6mm X 4.3mm, as per the following adaptor:


4840.1230 looks to be the only option in stock at the moment for a plug of that size.

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Thank you! Much appreciated.