Finding the right part

I have a customer that needs a replacement part for an EPS060100 - P7P power supply -

Unfortunately, it says it’s obsolete. Could you tell me exactly what the replacement part would be. I chose, “View Similar”, but there are way too many options to choose from and to be honest, this isn’t my expertise.

Hello @dstpierre,
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Now, for your question. Finding a 6V 1A power supply is not too difficult. However, that obsolete part we are replacing has an uncommon barrel plug size.
Unfortunately, the only active option we have as a substitute is a non-stocking product. Part number: SMI6B-6-N-P7-ND
The manufacturer’s lead time and MOQ will apply to that product.

Other possible options would include either replacing the barrel jack on whatever this supply is powering or taking a suitable supply like PN: 1866-1897-ND and splicing on the same size barrel plug you are currently using.