Power Supply Replacement

I’m looking for a replacement Power Supply with the specs in the picture attached.

The thing that is tricky is that it needs to be able to handle the ‘In Rush Current’ required to start the device and also the daisy chained PoE attachments connected to it.

This is the original switching adapter that got fried. The newer PSU’s, even though they are the same model number, don’t actually work the same way they did before.

Barrel size is 2.1mm x 5.5mm

Hi! the GS25A24 looks to be obsolete. Please see options below in 24v output in lower current ratings, with your barrel connector size. Glenda

Please check out this list of 1A and 1.5A solutions with the same basic specs: https://r.globtek.info/3gBBWlC
If they don’t work, try for higher power units: https://r.globtek.info/2SC1fuQ (you can sort by “Watts” and try 60 and up. Eventually you will find one that works