Need a Replacement

I need a replacement for Stryker 26" Vision Elect HDTV Power supply Model # JMW1150KA2400F07



The output connector shown is not a common/standard style, and we do not have a commercially-produced replacement supply in stock. We do have a few similarly rated supplies available and a fairly broad selection of 5-pin circular connectors from which a person might be able to construct a workable alternative, but nothing that would serve as a drop-in replacement.

It appears that the supply in question may have been intentionally produced with an unusual connector, so as to encourage replacement with OEM parts; given the litigious nature of the medical industry, it wouldn’t be an unreasonable choice. My suggestion would be to contact Stryker for a replacement in the interest of leaving liability where it belongs.

Hello Rick,

The reason I approach your company is to the fact that we bought a used unit that came with replacement power supply and the manufacturer it is Mean Well, as shown in the attached picture, it is a 5-pin circular connector. We need at least 20 power supply units
for screens that we acquire at auction, please see if you can help.

Thank you.


Does it look like someone might have installed that connector? The meanwell supply GSM160A24-R7B comes with a 4 pin connector as indicated on the body of the power supply.