Need Help finding power supply and Topcon x35 connector

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I have found the powersupply on your website Mean Well GST60A15-P1J and I would like to find the special Topcon X35 double keyed connector so that I could power up my Bourgault monitor. Buying the power supply and this cable cost $833.00 from a dealer - ridiculous. Power supply is worth $30.00 and I can likely build my own if I can source the parts! I just want to plug the monitor in to a wall outlet rather than sitting in a tractor with a battery going…

Maybe Digi-Key supplies to Bourgault???- I would love to cut out the middleman on this one. Shouldn’t there be a difference between pig and pork!


Please take a look at the documentation for the 3-1437290-7 and see if that might get the job done.

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Thanks for your help! Now I need to order female pins for the 26 pos housings. I am looking for 3-1447221-3 but I can’t figure out how to add to my cart! It says there are 8,881 in stock. I tried a manual entry to get them into my cart and it won’t accept it. I finally got it to a place where I could place it in the cart and then it said ordering is temporary unavailable. Eventually it accepted the order! Very Strange

I would also like sealing plugs for the wires and again it says there are lots but I don’t know how to add to my cart. 963531-1 . I would also like plugs which can be put into the back of the housings when there is no wire in socket. Is the part number for that 4-1437284-4. Again not much getting it to be place in my arts.

The cavity plug for connector housing part 3-1437290-7 is listed as part 4-1437284-3 . Are you still having trouble adding to your cart ?

Thanks for help! It is working this morning. Maybe orders can’t be put together after hours? I have no issues currently and I have items I require in the cart!

Thanks for help. It seems I was having trouble last night but it is working just fine this morning. Maybe the systems were being computer updated and so wouldn’t allow me to add to cart. I have completed my order and hopefully I can build my power supply.

Thanks for your help!