Need help finding external power supply

Hello, I am looking into the possibility of getting a power supply to use in north american outlets for an old external hard drive for an Atari ST. The original power supply is meant for UK outlets and I have a picture of the original UK power supply with specifications below. The output connector is a 5 pin 180 degree DIN connector. Would anyone know where I might find one?


The only item we have in stock that might be serviceable as-is would be the GP50A13D-R1B. It’s a bit under-rated on the 5v rail, but there’s a fair chance it could work. It is absolutely imperative however that you check the output connections to ensure they match the old unit–there’s a very good chance that you’d break things if they don’t.

Failing that, you’d probably be looking at getting something like the RT-65B, putting it in a box, and adding your own cabling/connectors.

Thank you very much for your help! If I were to try to build the RT-65B, would you be able to steer me towards the box and connections I’d need? @rick_1976

Boxes in the general vicinity of the size you’d need are here.

05BL5MX should be a good 5-pos 180° DIN connector, SD-50 a cheap one.

Cable & cord grips are here. Pick ones that fit the cable material you decide to use. Fused power entry connectors are here if you decide to go that route.

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There are a few other alternatives as well:

  1. You could try to open the power supply and check out if there is a jumper option to select 115V operation (some PSUs have that to save cost).
  2. Use an ATX power supply (can find adapter instructions on web).
  3. Use autotransformer to convert 115V to 230V , like this one:
  4. The same type of PSU is used for Commodore Amiga. May find one from eBay etc.

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Thank you @heke @rick_1976 !! You’ve been very helpful