Small power device/supply for U.2 Drives

I’m working on a project to build a custom enclosure to house 8x U.2 NVMe drives. They’re all individually powered by SATA connectors with the below power specifications:
Power - Active 13W
Power - Idle 5W

What would be the recommended setup for this kind of scenario ideally smallest form power device would be ideal. As this is a custom enclosure form factor doesn’t matter here.

Hello Thom42,

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What are all your minimum requirements?
You mentioned you need atleast 13W to run them.
What is the Voltage you require for input and output?
Do you want one power supply for all the devices?
You want the smallest size available?
If we have all the requirements, we can see what we have to offer.

Hi David_1768,

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Yes 13Wx8 would be the minimum.
The input voltage will be 120V
The output voltage is: 3.3V, 5V & 12V (SATA connector spec)

One power supply & smallest size would be ideal but not mandatory.

There would be 8 SATA power connector for each individual drive.

Hello Thom42,

I looked for these 3 output voltages, and you may have to use 2 power supplies, as we do not have a 104W or higher to offer. The 2 closest options are PPT-125A-ND and 454-1479-ND.
Please check the datasheets to verify compatibility to your application.

A small PC power supply will have the right mix of voltages with the right amount of current for each voltage output.

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