DC Converter to 2.5 inch HDD


There is a 15v AC to DC converter which I want to use to power 2.5 inch hard drives. The HDD only requires +5VDC.

I’m about to purchase one of these converters. I haven’t been able to find any information on circuits or power conditioning between the supply and the physical connection to the SATA power interface. Can I plug the VDC out directly to the HDD and expect them to work?

The best info I’ve been able to find is ATX specification which calls for +/-5% voltage and ripple of <50 on the +5VDC, both conditions are met by this converter (+/-4% and 20).


Your technical reference number for this interaction is T4024625.
Was wondering if you need the Positive Logic On/Off or the Negative Logic On/Off which you picked.
there are a few more options listed below with both positive and negative options.
Yes, these can be directly plugged into your DiskDrive.
All have 9V-53V Input
I6A4W020A033V-000-R = Positive Logic On/Off 3.3V-40V, 10A Output
I6A4W020A033V-001-R = Negative Logic On/Off 3.3V-40V, 10A Output

I6A4W020A033V-000-R = Positive Logic On/Off 3.3V-15V, 20A Output
I6A4W020A033V-001-R = Negative Logic On/Off 3.3V-15V, 20A Output
All are stocking parts.


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Thanks Rhonda, I didn’t notice the positive logic model. That’s the one I’ll be getting.

In that converter’s datasheet, the voltages for power on/off are listed:

Turn on input voltage — 8 — V
Turn off input voltage — 7 9 V

Does this mean the device will not output power if the jumpers are supplied 0-9V, and will supply power if the jumpers are supplied with 8+V?


Part number I6A4W020A033V-000-R has a general operating input voltage range of 9V to 53V. As with many devices, there is a point where a rising input voltage must meet a threshold before the functions are activated. In this case, that typical value is 8V.

Similarly, there is a threshold where falling voltage will turn off functions. For this part, 9V is listed as the first point (the highest voltage) where the device might turn off, but 7V is listed as a more typical value.

There is a simple graph on page 10 of the datasheet that illustrates the relationship of input voltage and output voltage. It shows an approximate point of 8V or 9V on the input voltage line where output voltage begins. That reflects the values given elsewhere in the document.

We should also clarify whether you were looking for an AC/DC converter or a DC/DC converter. In your original post, the text referred to an AC/DC converter, but the part in your link is a DC/DC converter.

FYI - the product you linked to is “DC to DC” not “AC to DC”.

If you have standard household power available, the lowest cost, proper specification match, easiest hookup way to power a HDD is to use the wall wart/power brick from a USB to
PATA/SATA/IDE adapter kit and simply throw out the USB to SATA adapter portion. You can usually find them for less than $15.00