Solution for 12v 6a to 5v 10a


I have an XH connector with four posts: two positive (3 amps each) and two negative. The connector outputs 12VDC with a 6 amp limit. I am trying to convert this to 5VDC to power components (2.5" HDD/SSD) which will have a combined inrush current of up to 9.6 amps for 4-6 seconds.

I’ve thought of using a buck converter with a capacitor to handle the inrush, but I am not sure what would be more efficient? Would more components be needed that I am not thinking of? Is there an existing IC or component which does this?

12VDC → capacitor → buck → HDD
12VDC → buck → capacitor → HDD

Also I might include an inrush current limiter but I am not sure how that will affect the spinup of the drives.

It would be appreciated if someone could lend some advice or opinions, thanks!

Hi, welcome to the forum.

12V@6A = 72W
5V@9.6A = 48W
48W is only ~67% of 72W

So you should be able to just buy a 12V to 5V@10A switching power supply module and hook it up.