Murata DC DC converter 5v 2w

Part number 811-3183-1, I have tested 5 different units and I get the same result on all of them. According to the spec sheet, these converters will take DC voltage of 10.8 to 13.2 volts dc and output a regulated 5.0 vdc. We always get approximately 9.05 to 9.15

volts dc. Seems simple but not as expected.
Would appreciate any ideas, thanks.

Hi Michael1,

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What resistance load do you have on the converter during your test?

The datasheet indicates you need a minimum of 10% max capacity, I believe the minimum would be 40mA.

That would be a 125 Ohm resistor on the output to ground. Any resistor between 15 Ohms and 120 Ohms would work for your test.

I really appreciate your response. When I increased the load, I was able to get the voltage down too an acceptable level.
Thanks again for the extremely fast reply.

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