We recently purchased and used the product code " CRL2S0505SC " from Digi-Key.

We’ve had mass issues with this product line. The small experiment we performed is as follows:

We apply a voltage of 5VDC to the input of the IC. At the output of the IC, we measure 12.76VDC (Vout-typical = 5V based on the datasheet).

We keep the components packaged according to Digi-Key and store them at about 27°C. I don’t know what ruined them.

Please give us advice for this product line.


@ VietES

According to the datasheet," The minimum load to meet datasheet specification is 10% of the full rated load across the specified input voltage range. Lower than 10% minimum loading will result in an increase in output voltage, which may rise to typically double the specified output voltage if the output load falls to less than 5%."