Correct Power Supply for Digi Anywhere USB/2 (G2)

Hi, I broke my current power supply for the Digi Anywhere USB/2 (G2) and am trying to figure out which one would be the correct one to buy as a replacement. I’m pretty sure the unit still works but the power supply is just broken. The unit fell out of our server rack and I think the device still functions, but the power supply connector bent and no longer makes a complete full connection to the hardware.

This is the tech information I have for the Power Supply which looks like it is manufactured by Globtek, Inc. The spec info is 5VDC @3AMPS max with locking barrel. Thank you if anyone knows the correct one for this!

P/N: WR9QA3200CL4P066NAR6
M/N: GT-46180-1605
Input: 100-240V - 50-60Hz - 0.6A
Output: 5V - 3.2A, 16W

Hello rendex - welcome to the Forum community! We do have the part number you mentioned,
1939-WR9QA3000L9PCIMR6B-ND but there is currently no stock. This is a possible substitute that is in stock 102-3572-ND. If you are in North America and don’t need the adapters for the input connector, we have these options which are also in stock.

Jenny, thank you for your quick reply. I looked at those and chose to buy one of the 2 you had mentioned last. I don’t remember which one. One thing I forgot about the unit as I dont have it in front of me is that it has a twist lock plug. Do you think that will still work with this unit? I have attached a picture I found of what the twist lock barrel connector looks like. Do you think this would still work for this unit with the twist lock?

Thank you!

WR9QA3200CL4P066NAR6_Rev.F.pdf (1.0 MB)
That you for that information! That is very helpful.

Attached is the spec sheet for the power supply that is shipped with the unit that I received directly from Digi USB Anywhere Tech Support for USB Anywhere 2 (G2)

@Ryan_2724 Does the one you posted fit these specs?

Hi @rendex ,

Thanks for your reply. According to that document, it lists a 2.1 x 5.5mm positive center barrel connector. Click here for a recommended North American alternative 237-1419-ND. Click here for a recommended International alternative 237-2133-ND. These should work although they are not the thread lock style.

In the rare instances documentation is incorrect, and you’d like to be sure before ordering, you can take a look at this post which only requires a pen, a toothpick, or a DMM test lead to measure the inner diameter wall adapter barrel of the power supply you currently have: