Looking for a high current mate (7Amps) for a plug like PP3-038D POWER PLUG, 1.35 X 3.8 X 9.5 MM,

Hi, I am seeking a high current jack to mate to a plug like PP3-038D POWER PLUG, 1.35 X 3.8 X 9.5 MM

CUI suggests a few jacks on their site but they are 3.5A max.
Curious if there is a 7A or higher option?

We, GlobTek, have a barrel plug option for our power adapters and cable assemblies which is 7A rated but we need to find a suitable mating plug to use.


Hello GlobTek,
I was unable to find a good match from CUI with that high of a current rating that we would have available.
I did find a possible jack from Tensility that could possibly work for you. It is part number 839-1289-ND
Here is the Datasheet for it.
This one looks to be rated at 7A at 48Vdc
This will have the same barrel dimension as the PP3-038D plug.

If you prefer to stay with CUI here are some other Jack Options with Higher current ratings. The Barrel size will be different if you would want to change that.

These Jacks are the other options that we have that will meet your Current specs

Any questions Please let us know.

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Hi, thanks for your really quick response last time, it is an amazing help. The product designers are now wanting a PCB mount solution. Iā€™m wondering if you have one that can clear the 3.8 mm barrel OD?