Matching screw terminal plug for the A145378-ND?

I am trying to find matching plug and 90 degree through hole mounted receptacles. These seem identical to the Wurth and Weidmuller connectors that are 3.5mm pitch. Thank you.

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My best guess is, A145367-ND:

The manufacturer part numbers are 2350514-2 & 2350398-2

Somebody from Digi-Key can say for certain if that’s the correct match.


PaulHutch is correct,

The only listed mate TE lists for this connector is:
2350398-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

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Thank you for the welcome! I would LOVE if CUI Devices has something I could use, but it looks like they only have 5.08mm instead of 3.5mm pitch.

I found this:

Hello fndecker,

Dimensionally it looks like it might be compatible, however I would caution against using different series to mate. In the case of the Amphenol part you had linked, the keying with the ramps on the side and the curve at the bottom look a bit more severe than that on the TE version. It could be that it only results in a bit more of a snug fit, but it could also result in a much more forceful disconnect. These things can obviously lower the lifespan on the connector. Apart from this, nothing else seemed to jump out at me as incompatible. That’s not to say I couldn’t have missed something though as well, so it may be worth another look over before committing.