BEL1497-1000-ND packaging

I need information about the packaging of this cable. If it comes on a wooden or plastic spool and if it is packed in a box,
Thank you

Hi @walter.calderon ,

Thanks for contacting DigiKey TechForum. This product will be on the black plastic manufacturer Spool. Regarding whether it is packed in a manufacturer box also, I am not sure but we can have our warehouse take a look if you’d like. Quantity 1 of this particular part number is the standard manufacture quantity (not cut down by DigiKey) demonstrated by the “manufacturer box” next to quantity 1. Manufactures do offer different standard packaging, but this particular product is listed on our website as a spool.

Below is an example of a different product, that to reach the manufacturer standard packaging, the customer would have to order 40 indicated by the box, but for Belden cable BEL1497-1000-ND, quantity 1 is manufacturer standard spool packaging.