Belden spool sizes

I’m planning to purchase a 1000’ spool of each of the below products for a long run.


I was just wondering if these products will come in a single 1000’ spool or two 500’ spools.

Hello robbie.mcdonnell, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
Both of these part numbers will be a 500 foot cable. So orderibng 1000 feet of these part numbers, will be 2 spools of 500 feet for either part number. I also searched to see if we have a part number for a 1000 foot spool, and the 500 foot spool is the largest we carry.

Possible alternates for 1000’ spools are BEL1267-1000-ND for the 2 conductor 18awg cable, and BEL1363-1000-ND for the 6 conductor 22awg cable. These will be single cables of 1000 feet for each one.

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Thanks for the help David.