Berquist Thermal Pads Camparison GPVOUS-0.040-00-0816 VS. GPVOUS-0.040-01-0816

What is the difference between Berquist thermal pads part numbers GPVOUS-0.040-00-0816 and GPVOUS-0.040-01-0816

Per our Product Manager:
00 = custom
01 = 01 calls out natural tack on only 1 side

These parts are the same thing. The 00 is an old callout for “custom” however it was always used to order the plain part (in this case the 01). Over time Bergquist moved to joining the part numbers which is why they are joined on our website. Over the course of time Henkel purchased Bergquist and has changed the part number further to 2191190 – however as this part number has no inherent meaning and cannot be found on the datasheets we have chosen to keep the original legacy part number as the manufacturer part number.

Unfortunately, these part numbers are very old and I do not have documentation to support this. If you contact Henkel directly, they do not list GPVOUS-0.040-00-0816 in their systems anymore and cannot verify the part number.