Panasonic PGS Series DP Suffix


When you are looking at parts in the PGS Series of Thermal Pads from Panasonic some of the parts have a DP Suffix at the end pf the part number such as EYG-S182305DP. This DP is calling out a separator paper that is in between the sheets when shipped from the manufacturer. This sheet allows for easy separation of the sheets.

Applicable Part Numbers

P15479-ND P15475-ND P15481-ND P15480-ND P15478-ND P15476-ND P19085-ND P19083-ND P19086-ND P19084-ND P15477-ND P15482-ND P19078-ND P19077-ND EYG-S182307DP EYG-S182310DP EYG-S121810DP EYG-S091203DP EYG-S091207DP EYG-S121803DP EYG-S121804DP EYG-S121805DP EYG-S182304DP EYG-S182305DP EYG-S091210DP EYG-S121807DP EYG-S091204DP EYG-S091205DP