Best 12v LED Strip Driver for shortest Setup or Rise time?

I just had a walk-in closet done with integrated 12v LED lighting into the closet panels. It was wired up to wall outlets that share the same switch with LED recessed can lights so I can hit one switch on the way in and have the overhead lights and LED strip lights come on. The problem is that I think they used junk drivers and there is about a 2-3 second delay between the ceiling lights coming on first and then the LED strip lighting.

I’ve been looking at spec sheets for various drivers and many (besides Mean Well) don’t even give the specs on Setup or Rise time, which I think are the key data points that I need.

The Mean Well NPF-40-12 seems like the best option with a Setup Time of 500ms and Rise Time of 80ms so I’m guessing that would be 580ms until the strip hits full brightness. Can someone confirm I’m going about this the right way and let me know if there are drivers that have an even smaller time latency? Thanks in advance.

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What is the make/model of the existing unit?

It’s Hafele 2065 LED strips (Item no. 833.74.359) and 3 drivers on 3 wall outlets. The driver they use is a Loox 12v (Item no. 833.74.913). They also use a splitter or distribution block on each driver (Item no 833.95.748).

I can’t seem to find any start-up specs on this driver like Mean Well products. The ceiling lights come on and almost a full 3 seconds later, the LED lights come on.

Very limited data on that power supply, it appears to me to be a constant voltage only LED driver with dual outputs that can be combined to one double power output and has fancy connectors/accessories.

It makes me think this very low cost Mean Well unit will work in it’s place and startup in about 1/2 second.

However, I’ve never installed and don’t own any lighting system like this, and the cost is so much lower than the original part that I’m suspicious I’ve missed some important detail.

Maybe somebody else on the forum can provide further info.

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The connector system is not the most common, but electrically I see nothing novel about the device; it’s a 12V SELV supply for driving resistor ballasted flexible LED strips of the now-common type.