Best shaft length of Bourns Encoder for a Sparkfun Knob


I am planning on using a Sparkfun COM-11951 with a Bourns PEC12R-x2yyF-S0024 encoder. “x” can be 3 or 4 (doesn’t matter much to me), but “yy” is where my question is. The Sparkfun datasheet doesn’t have enough detail to know for sure what shaft length would be appropriate for the encoder. Any information you can provide on the depth of the 6mm hole in the knob, and where the set screw is located would be helpful.

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Welcome to the Technical Forum. The only additional information I can find is on the Sparkfun website:

You can click on the features and documents for additional dimension information. One thing nice about Sparkfun is they provide a reasonable priced product. The bad part is that they have limited data that helps keep the cost down. Hopefully this will help .