Big dog motorcyle molex connector

I am looking for pins for the molex connectors used on big dog motorcycles in 2003. Big dog referred me to Digikey.
Can you give me the part numbers and size of the male and female pins?

Do you have any pictures or specifications of these connectors? Molex has hundreds of thousands of connectors.

I can go to the garage and get you some. Exactly what measurements do you need?

LxWxH is a good start. Key is a measurement on the plugging side of the connector from the center of one pin to the center of the pin next to it. This is also called the pitch of the connector. This post shows what I mean.

Okay Give me 20 min ill go to my shop My phone is 201 726 7578 texting me may be easier
thank you

Pins are .280” apart both ways on all plugs. I need the female pins or preferably new connectors and pins. There is a 15 pin two 9 pin and one 6 pin connector
15 pin is 1” lenght outside pin to pin.
.540” width
9 pin is .540 x .540
6 pin is .540x .280