Blue Poly, Pink, and Clear Bags

Digi-Key doesn’t sell the Blue poly bags we use to ship our parts in. The blue bags Digi-Key uses are static dissipative and low charging so they are safe to use with ESD sensitive products. However, the blue bags do not shield against static fields or discharges, therefore the protection bag is the shielding bag or moisture barrier bag.

Digi-Key does not use pink or clear bags unless its used with a product that already comes from the manufacturer. We do not qualify them for use in our ESD program; they are only allowed to be used with the product from the individual supplier.

Here is a link to all the anti-static, shielding, and moisture barrier bags that We stock here

Clear Antistatic Bag 16-1394-ND

Static Shielding Bag 2071-B13035-ND