Bluetooth 5.1 and Arduino

Hey, I was looking through an article (here) and was wondering if anyone could some insight or more information. I am interested in using bluetooth 5.1 features with an Arduino in order to gain directional information to create a ‘follow me’ type project. I am wondering if it possible to do this and what hardware I will need, the article referenced DA14695-00HQDB-P however I am unsure if this is the product I need; if it is, is it all i need? Finally is there any libraries currently existing to support bluetooth 5.1 and Arduino interactions? Thanks in advance!

Hello Sam,

I have sent out a request to the product specialist to see what information we can get for you. Once we get some information we will reply to you directly on the TechForum.

Hi Sam,

You would not be able to gain directional information with this module alone, as it only has a single antenna. Directional information can only be determined using an antenna array. However, it does appear that the DA14695 chip itself probably is capable of doing it, with it’s dual-core processor architecture, given the right external hardware (antenna array and RF switches) and the right software.

From what I have read, this capability is still in relatively early development, so it is a problem that is still being worked on and is not yet in a general deployment state.

It will be interesting to see what we hear from Dialog regarding your request.

Hey @Bobby_2578, any news yet?

Thank you for your response SamM,
We will get back to you as soon as we get more information.