Micro Motor with Bluetooth Capability

Hi, my name is Al and I am in need of help as I am very new to the chip/programming world.

I am looking to create a device that needs turns a motor what I need:
I want the device to have Bluetooth capability and how will I make the device connect to a mobile device; where should I start to create an app that is compatible.
Also the motor just needs to turn clockwise and counter clockwise but needs to be extremely small.
The chip also needs to extremely small.
Also what type of power could i use that is small
(possible a flat battery or battery that can be charged via android charger (or of some sort of adapter)

Please help, and if you are able to point me in a direction of assistance or even create for me I will be able to thank you for your help!

Hello @Al101

Unfortunately we do not do design work here at Digi-Key, however with some further details and specifications we may be able to help find some parts.

Do you have a motor schematic setup? By this what I am really looking for are the electrical switching specifications. Are you looking to have the actual motor switched or do you have a relay setup that you would be turning on the coils of a relay?

One option since you are new may be to look at the Bluno Arduino Bluetooth part 1738-1015-ND. While this option may not fit your end goal of being small it is a very easy entry point to bluetooth.