Bluetooth design help

I need some help with design with Bluetooth
We are building a new design and adding another Bluetooth feature
Classic / Simple Bluetooth with analog audio .

Package:Standard package, SMD
Material:PCB + Electronic components
Service type:One-stop turnkey service
Application:Bluetooth Headsets
specification:Bluetooth v4.1 or better
Bluetooth Chip:?
Logo:Logo Customize
Certificate:CE RoHs FCC
Frequency range:2402~2480MHz
VCC : 3.3 volts
Mic bias output: 1.5 volts to 2.5 volts
Will drive 16 ohm speaker
Must have analog input for Microphone, and analog output for speaker.
The device will be sending legacy Bluetooth audio to a cell phone.

Will need a button input to put headset in pairing mode. Will have indicator ouput to let user know that pairing to a cell phone was achieved.
Will need 2 button inputs to increase and decrease the volume to the speaker.
Size with antennae can be no larger than 12mm x 25mm. Smaller is better.
Will have signal inputs for pairing etc.
I will be do a surface solder of module to another larger board.
Will be sold in the USA.

Looks like you are looking for a designer/manufacturer. We do not do that here, but here is a link to some companies who may be able to help you:

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