What can i use to program a bluetooth amplifier module?

I have a couple of these little green bluetooth/amplifier modules and trying to find something like the CSR USB programmer on ebay to modify the EQ settings and the Bluetooth name. I’ve seen people using them on youtube, but dont want to wait months and only to be let down with the quality control, so does anyone on here recommend something in the digikey cateolog? i wasnt sure if DK-USB-SPI-10225-1A-ND was even the same thing, all i know is i need to use something like CSR BlueSuite 2.6.6.

any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Can anyone help with this request that is familiar with CSR(Qualcomm) Usually the data is not available. I could not find anything.

Thank you,

I would run this by Josh Mickolio, he was the old PM for CSR prior to Qualcomm; the current PM is Cullen Norman, so you should probably reach out to him first.

I only mentioned the previous one, but it is only because it came up with the google search.

if there are alternative products i would be open to listening.

also how does one PM in this forum? i tried putting his name in there but didnt work for me…or is this an internal digikey employement thing?

Hello, the PM is the current Product Manager for CSR at Digi-Key, some do not monitor the forum as does our Technical Staff. I can have Verna speak to them though

Here is the response received from the Product Manager. That would be a highly costly route, and frankly they may not approve the sale. We have to approve each sale and they do not allow personal projects. With the DK-USB-SPI-10225-1A you would also need to put $3K into their SDK, DL-BDEV-10002-1A-ND.