CC2651R3SIPA Bluetooth

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Does this device already have the bluetooth firmware uploaded onto it or will we need to upload it ourselves once ordered? The datasheet is unclear

The part would need to be programmed with the SDK software. Also, there is a development kit for the CC2651 for evaluating the part, the dev kit is 296-LP-CC2651R3SIPA-ND.

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Thank you for getting back to me. Where can we download the SDK software for the BLE v5.2? I did not see it on your website. Also, this may be a stupid question, but do we use the launch pad to upload the SDK software and then remove the microcontroller from the launchpad to be soldered onto our PCB?


Corinne Martin (she/her/hers)

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Hi cmar216,

You will not want to remove the CC2651R3SIPA from the Launchpad. It has provisions to allow you to program an external target on that board, based on jumper positions.

Regarding software, go here to find that information.


Is there a way to program the module without using the launchpad? We need the module to go on a separate PCB for a senior design capstone project.

Corinne Martin

Louisiana State University

Hi Corinne,

Almost certainly, but probably not as inexpensively. Regardless, I would recommend you get one of those boards, as it provides a known-good board to develop and test your code. If you have looked at the soldering pads of the module, you’ll note that it is not trivial to properly lay out and solder such a component. You’ll probably save some headache and time by using the preassembled board.


OK, so it looks like the following are external programmer/debuggers which are compatible with the CC2651R3SIPA.

Unfortunately, both appear to be out of stock at the time of this writing, though I would be surprised if they were not back in stock soon.

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We already have the launchpad but we need to upload the bluetooth firmware to the CC2651R3SIPA module to go on a seperate pcb. From the previous link that you sent for the SDK download, it seems the instructions are for downloading the software to the computer not the module itself. Is there another way to get the software to download?

Once we get the software, could we upload it to the module by connecting the CC2651R3SIPA to a UART-to-USB converter?

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Corinne Martin (she/her/hers)

Louisiana State University

Hi Corinne,

The SIMPLELINK-LOWPOWER-F2-SDK download should contain all of the software required to develop code and download that firmware code, using either the Code Composer Studio or SmartRF Studio IDE, into your CC2651R3SIPA device. The LP-CC2651R3SIPA board is capable of programming both the on-board device as well as external devices, if you configure it properly.

I would suggest you take a look here and read through all of the information there. In addition to giving links to the SDK for the board, it explains the hardware, shows how to get a link set up between the board and a phone using the default code on the on-board CC2651R3SIPA device, and it shows how to configure the board to program an external device. It also gives a link to SimpleLink Academy which is intended to help you get started with development.