Bluetooth signal simulator for FTMS

I used NRF52840-DONGLE before. It’s a good choice for Bluetooth signal sniffer. I’m wondering if there is a kit or app can simulate different Bluetooth services, e.g. Speed and Cadence Service, Fitness Machine Service (FTMS),… etc. so I don’t need to have all the devices handy during the development?

Greetings @EKG Welcome to the TechForum. I have limited experience in this area so I have asked my fellow techs and engineers if they know of any product that will suit your needs. I will let you know what I find out. As today is an observed holiday for us most of them have the day off so it will likely be tomorrow or the next day before I have an answer for you.

Since you are looking at fitness equipment, I’m assuming you are looking for ANT/ANT+ communication as well? I’ve narrowed down some choices for you. Please take a look at this link. Hopefully, there will be something there than can be of help for you.