Bluetooth temperature sensor without connecting?

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Does the 4881 Adafruit temperature sensor broadcast the temperature in the periodic bluetooth advertising packet, or is the temperature only available through connecting to the device?

The adafruit description says β€œThe sensor has two modes. One is advertising modes, where it sends out sensor data every few minutes. The advertisements are encrypted so not easy to read. You can also connect to it as a BLE device and read from the sensor characteristic, which thankfully is not encrypted. You can use this with our library library for the LYWSD03MMC that works with CircuitPython. Or you can also hack it to add your own custom firmware to remove the encryption on advertisements. You can also use these with ESPHome / Home Assistant by extracting the binding key.”

If you are looking for a easier solution for transferring temperature and humidity data by bluetooth, you can consider an integrating a DHT11/22 with an ESP32. You can make a compact solution like this: