BNC Crimper for PALADIN 1300

Hey folks - Can anyone tell me if this crimp die will work on Canare’s BCP-B5F coax/BNC termination? I already own the Paladin series crimp tool, and would rather by a die that fits it than invest in the Canare crimping tool set - Canare BCP-B5F | Redco Audio
Thanks in advance!

rafi, Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.
I do not believe this die set will work. Your BCP-B5F connector is for the Belden L-5CFB coax cable, which should be the same as the RG-6 cable. I found 2 similar die sets for the BNC connectors for the RG-6 cables. PA2045-ND and PA2649-ND. You will have to verify the crimp dimensions for compatibility of the die sets.

Thank you @David_1768! Super helpful. I got a data sheet from Canare for their crimp die set and I guess the size of their hex crimp is 8.05mm - and the closest size on the paladin crimp die is on the PA2649 and it’s roughly 8.22mm - I just don’t know enough about these things and if that difference will make a difference…

The 8.05mm would be about 0.317". I think the 8.22mm (0.324") may not crimp the cable tight enough. I searched our system for die sets and even the crimpers with the die set, and the 0.324" (8.22mm) was the closest match. If you can not find a better match to the 8.05mm (0.317") elsewhere, this would be the best option. I’m sorry that we do not have a better fit to your specification.

@David_1768 thank you so much for your help - deeply appreciated!