Brightest standard T1 LED 3mm white

When searching for white standard through-hole T1 dome LEDs I get inconsistent results. For example- leave out T1 and use 3mm instead. Even those two criteria leave out relevant results. I find myself needing to sort through 100s of LEDs of different types and still have no confidence I’m finding what Digikey has available. Just need answer to simple question- What are highest brightness standard through hole T1 dome LED 3mm white that is stocked? Would love list of top 5. Thanks!

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I’m sorry for the multiple type results, but some LEDs are listed as just 3.00mm, and some are listed as 3mm, T-1. Since there are 3 options for 3800mcd, and the highest is 9300mcd, Click here for the top 7 brightest options. I hope this helps for what you are looking for.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly David. I don’t even remember how I initially found them while searching, but the two parts listed below qualify for your search term, and yet don’t show up. I had a similar issue with a lower mcd LED from Rohm SLR343WBN2PT (which is labeled High Brightness (and is) yet has a relatively low mcd). I’m new to understanding/sourcing electronic components so it’s a little frustrating making sense of prospective parts.
Anyhow, probably best for my application is to buy a bunch and simply compare. Especially since the stated mcd values seem to not always (by eye) corelate to brightness.
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NTE30044 NTE Electronics, Inc | Optoelectronics | DigiKey Marketplace

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OVLAW4CB7 TT Electronics/Optek Technology | Optoelectronics | DigiKey

If one’s not picky about 5/100th of a millimeter, a person can find a few others worth looking at–see here.

Are you speaking of keyword search terms, or selections made in the parametric filters?

In case of the former, one should appreciate that the DK search is pretty strict about exact matches, as it must be in order to not tick off folks that are searching by part number. When trying to optimize a selection, it’s fine to use keywords to help identify the product family where things are housed, but having done that, ya really wanna hit the breadcrumb to ensure that you’re starting with -all- the stuff in that product family. Trying to optimize a selection with keyword filters applied is very likely to bite a person.

In case you were speaking of filter selections, one has to recognize that the data entry and normalization 'aint perfect, and there are cases such as this where literal and nominal specs can get intermixed. Use the blunt instruments (such as “color” in this case) to slice big chunks off the block, then make subsequent selections carefully, slicing off smaller bits as you go.

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Thank you for the helpful information Rick :slightly_smiling_face: